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Feppy Boxes

Kids learn best through play and immersion, that’s why each Feppy Box is designed by bilingual early education experts to make English-Spanish learning natural, easy, and fun! 

What is Feppy Box? A Feppy Box is a bilingual Spanish and English toy set for kids that offers a complete learning immersion experience.

The Feppy Experience

Our most popular product is our Feppy Boxes. Designed to deliver an at-home immersive experience, each Feppy Box includes a bilingual book, game, vocabulary stickers, hands-on activities, companion read-along video audiobooks & songs, and a parent guide.

It's language immersion, conveniently delivered to your door for at-home learning and fun!

Play & Learn With Feppy Box

What’s Inside a Feppy Box?

Feppy Book

Each Feppy Book is an original hardcover storybook filled with exciting adventures, colorful illustrations, strong values and morals, and a vocabulary list to solidify learning! 

Each Feppy Box includes a Feppy Book, so you can make storytime bilingual storytime

Feppy Play

Feppy’s thoughtfully designed hands-on games and activities are included in each Feppy Box.  

Designed to reinforce learning through play-based learning, Feppy’s games and activities are fun and exciting and complimentary to the theme.

Feppy Music

Each Feppy box includes access to an original Feppy Song, with written lyrics in both English and Spanish. 

There’s nothing quite like the power of music to create an immersive learning environment. Enrich vocabulary and enjoy new twists to traditional children’s tunes with Latin rhythms like Salsa, Mambo, or Reggaeton.

It’s the ultimate bilingual singalong!

Feppy Parent

Each Feppy Box comes with a Parent Guide in English and Spanish to guide you along your bilingual parenting journey.  

You can raise a bilingual child even if you’re not fully bilingual yourself

Parents, we’ve got you covered!

Bonus: Free Feppy Video Audio Books

With each Feppy Box, you get a free bonus: access to a Feppy companion read-along video audiobook. 

Kids love these videos and can watch the Feppy stories come to life over and over again. 

These videos are also great ways to support pronunciation. 

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