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The gift of a second language.

More Spanish. More opportunities.

Bilingual Books, Games, and Toys to Practice Spanish at Home

Playtime and storytime, but better.

My kids get so much from the books and games. They don't even realize how much they're learning, for them it's just Playtime or Storytime. Amazing for me as I wasn't sure how to introduce them to Spanish.

Sara K.

My kid loves the videos!

Feppy makes our night time routine more engaging for both of us. Plus, my kid loves the video audio books so much, they're so well done and entertaining. I highly recommend checking out Feppy for kids.

Mandy F.

Award-winning bilingual Spanish & English resources for kids.

Come for the learning, stay for the fun!

Kids are like sponges and quickly pick up a language when it's around them. 

Feppy expands their bilingual capabilities through multisensory experiences and fun games that become part of their playtime routine without realizing they're learning a new language!

All of our original stories, games, songs, and toy sets work together to expose and support early language learners in a fun and creative way.


A Passport to the World

Bilingualism opens so many doors! Plus, acquiring a language at such a young age is so much easier than later in life. That's why I was so happy to find Feppy to gift my nephew.

Sandra L.

Truly Exceptional

“My grandchildren really loved the books. It encouraged us to talk about the stories and how they relate to real life. They also really enjoyed the activities. They love Feppy!”

Sima S.

Play-Based Learning

The world opens up with more languages

From higher academic performance, improved cognitive development, and even career opportunities in the future, 

bilingualism opens doors to new experiences, friendships, and understanding cultural diversity and ways of life.

With exposure, language skills develop naturally over time into lifelong skills and become a gateway to opportunity.  

Read our blog post: 10 Reasons to Raise a Bilingual Child for more insight.

Why Bilingualism Matters

Happiness and Play

“Feppy” embodies bilingual happiness, originating from Spanish (feliz) and English (happy).

Founded by Ronit Shiro, a mom and champion for multilingual education, Feppy products are designed entirely for kids but with parents in mind, too.

Feppy makes Spanish & English language learning fun, playful, and accessible to kids at every developmental and language skill level.

Start Learning

Multicultural Collaboration

At Feppy, multicultural collaboration is not just what we do, it's who we are. We are a Latin-owned, minority-owned, woman-owned small business.

With diverse backgrounds, we come together with a passion for bilingual education and a mission to make it fun!

Meet The Team