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Feppy is an award-winning creator of bilingual Spanish & English books, games, and learning toys for kids.

Bring Feppy to your bookstore, toystore, children’s store, library, online marketplace, or department store. 

We’re excited to share our collection of bilingual books, games, and toys with the world.

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Bilingual is Best

Research proves that children who are bilingual have stronger social skills, greater career opportunities, and stronger cognitive abilities. Now is a great time to start opening their world!

Play is Paramount

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be systematic, flash cards. At Feppy, we believe play makes kids want to learn. And it makes learning truly fun and magical.

Whole-Brain Learning Works

When a child sees it, hears it, holds it, and plays with it, they will better understand it and remember it. With Feppy’s book, games, music, video, and play, each of our products work together, creating moments of connection and learning, and engaging the whole brain. 

Quality Matters

We believe that creating beautiful high quality products makes sure that they will find a permanent place in your home, and that they’ll appeal to kids over and over again.

Retailer FAQs

The recommended age range for our products is between 3 to 8 years old. 

Families of all ages enjoy Feppy products - especially the games.

If you're looking for something for a particular child, you can browse our collections by age to help find age-appropriate themes.

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Yes! We're proud that all of our bilingual English-Spanish books, games, and toys are truly bilingual. What this means is that they can be used to learn Spanish or English equally, and are fully translated in both languages. 

Feppy was founded by Ronit Shiro because she believes bilingualism is one of the greatest gifts she can give her children as a mother.  She sought ways to take the mystery out of bilingualism and make language learning fun and engaging for kids.  Feppy was founded in Miami, FL in 2020 and with its wide range of English-Spanish bilingual books, games, and toys is making bilingualism accessible and creating opportunities for children. 

Learn more about our story on our About Us page.

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