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"Imagine a world in which more people understand one another."

- Ronit Shiro, Founder & CEO Feppy

Understanding begins with language.

Language is so much more than words - it's a dynamic confluence of open minds, global cultures, and the basis of connection.

I was lucky to grow up learning more than one language. When I became a mom, I knew that bilingualism was one of the greatest gifts I could give my children.

In our family, bilingual meant being able to connect with grandparents and friends, but it also meant creating more opportunities for my children's futures. Bilingualism opens doors.

This is where the idea for Feppy came from. How can we share this with families to make language learning easy? How can we create fun and engaging ways for kids to learn?

Our English-Spanish bilingual books, games, and toy sets business began in 2020 and has been growing ever since.

We're learning from our customers that play-based learning makes exposing your child to another language easy, and that you don’t have to be bilingual to raise a bilingual child.

The future is bilingual and we're so honored to be helping families across the country create opportunities for their children.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ronit Shiro - Founder and CEO

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Listen to a recent interview with Sigal Ratner Arias, Editor at the Associated Press and podcast host of 64: el podcast.

Ronit Shiro was recently called a "fundadora destacada" as a latina entrepreneur by Univision.

Educational Consultants & Early Learning Professionals

Experienced in bilingual preschool education, this team helps inform the design and pedagogical structure to our bilingual books, bilingual games, and bilingual toy sets for kids.

Multicultural Writing & Design Creatives

With brilliant imaginations, illustration skills and storytelling technique, our creative teams bring concepts to life beautifully in each bilingual book, bilingual game, and bilingual toy sets for kids.

Music & Video Production Experts

Bringing Feppy to life in beautiful, artistic ways, our team of Music & Video experts includes a Latin Grammy nominee. Stay tuned, you just might start hearing Feppy music all around you!

At Feppy, our core values are Diversity, Connection, Opportunity, and Fun.

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