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Feppy Box Monthly Subscription | Immersive Spanish Language Learning for Kids

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Feppy Boxes are award-winning bilingual Spanish & English toy sets for kids. Designed to encourage hands-on and play-based learning for kids, they help families create a complete Spanish-English immersion experience at home. 

Our most popular product is a month-to-month Feppy Box subscription, which delivers a new Feppy Box theme every month. Kids love getting boxes in the mail! You can manage your subscription at any time through your Feppy account. Visit our FAQs for more information about Feppy Box subscriptions. Families can also try a single Feppy Box, or gift Feppy Boxes to loved ones in 3, 6, or 12-month non-renewing subscriptions. 

Each Feppy Box is thoughtfully designed to deliver an at-home early education immersive learning experience for kids ages 3-8 at every level of fluency. Each Feppy Box includes: 

  • An original Bilingual Spanish-English Book the whole family can enjoy reading over and over again with a side-by-side layout to read along in two languages seamlessly. The reader format is optimized for comprehension and the beautifully designed illustrations are visually appealing and engaging to bring the story to life and appeal to children. 
  • An original Bilingual Spanish-English Game designed to help kids learn naturally through play, keep children motivated to learn, and create fun opportunities to practice, build confidence and fluency with communication skills, motor-skills, and problem-solving skills. 
  • Hands-on activities and vocabulary stickers to promote learning through reinforcement and repetition. 
  • Digital access to our English-Spanish companion read-along video audiobooks: Watch an animated video while listening to the story in both languages. An excellent resource to support pronunciation and bring the stories to life.
  • Digital access to Spanish English bilingual songs to learn pronunciation, enrich vocabulary and enjoy new twists to traditional children’s tunes with Latin rhythms.
  • Parent guide: Support your journey of creating an immersive learning environment at home. You don't have to be bilingual to raise a bilingual child! 

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Learn Spanish At Any Level

Your child may have zero exposure to Spanish, Feppy is an easy way to start.

Your child may understand a little bit of Spanish in some contexts, Feppy bridges the gap naturally.

Or, your child may already have a basic vocabulary, Feppy solidifies the language further. 

Children learn best through play, and at Feppy, we've created bilingual Spanish/English products to support children's language development in a natural way.


Bilingual Is Best

Research supports that children who are bilingual have stronger social skills, greater career opportunities, and stronger cognitive abilities.

Play is Paramount

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be systematic, flash cards. At Feppy, we believe play makes kids want to learn, and that's what makes it stick.

Whole Brain Learning

When a child sees it, hears it, holds it, and plays with it, they will better understand it and remember it. Focusing on learning moments that engage the whole brain works.

Quality Matters

We believe that creating beautiful high quality products means they'll find a permanent place in your environment, and that they’ll appeal to kids over and over again.

Inclusive Content

Feppy has given me some peace of mind in my ever-persistent effort to ensure my first generation American daughter is exposed to her parents' roots through language and inclusive content. 

Naomi H.

So Much Fun!

Finally, I found bilingual products that my kids enjoy. They have so much fun with the activities that they don't realize how much they learn in Spanish. As a family living in the USA, it is very important that our kids speak both English and Spanish.

Sofia T.

I'm Loving Feppy Box!

Feppy Box is happiness, !diversion!, learning, culture, language, literature, and family connections in a box! It's everything that it advertises and more, much more.

Kianny A.


Feppy Boxes are award-winning bilingual Spanish & English toy sets for kids. Designed to encourage hands-on and play-based learning for kids, they help families create a complete Spanish-English immersion experience at home.

Each Feppy box includes a bilingual book, a hands-on game, activities and vocabulary stickers, as well as a companion read-along video audiobook and a parent guide. These multisensory resources can be played with for hours in open-ended ways, and stimulate whole-brain learning through reinforcement and repetition.

Feppy Box is sure to make your kids’ bilingual learning fun!

We offer Feppy Boxes in a number of ways:
Monthly subscriptions, our most popular product, where a new themed box is delivered each month. Cancel anytime and Free Shipping included.

Single Feppy Boxes are also available for purchase and we also have non-renewing gift subscriptions which deliver monthly boxes to the gift recipient for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Your child might not know a single word of Spanish. Or maybe they understand a few words but are new to reading in Spanish.

Each of our Bestsellers make an excellent starting point for any learning journey, and are sure to be a fun-filled first impression.

Yes! The whole family will enjoy Feppy books and games, they are designed for sharing.

Each Feppy Box contains additional activities (like stickers) for one child. The activities can be done together or if you would like each child to have their own set of supporting activities, consider ordering a Feppy Box per child.

All the materials are created by a team of experienced professionals in child development and bilingual education. 

All of our materials incorporate feedback from kids who tried and experienced our products.

Award-Winning Spanish Immersive Learning Tools

Learning takes Consistency, Repetition & Convenience. That's why families choose a Feppy subscription, to give their kids the tools to become bilingual.Children love the excitement of getting a surprise in the mailbox every month, and the price can't be beat!

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