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The Courage Box: Yellow, the Happy Little Boat | Spanish Toy Set for Kids

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Experience the magic of play-based language learning with our ‘Courage’ Feppy Box.

Designed for kids ages 3-8, this fun Spanish and English learning toy includes a bilingual book, hands-on activities, vocabulary stickers, a bilingual Bingo game, and access to a video/audio book and bilingual song.

Immerse your kids in both Spanish and English while exploring important themes like the power of friendship, the importance of freedom, and that dreaming takes courage.

Designed for play-based Spanish and English language learning for kids ages 3-8 at every level of fluency.


What's included in this learning toy Feppy Box:

  • An original Bilingual Book (Spanish- English): Yellow, the Happy Little Boat  - Amarillo, el barquito feliz.
  • Hands-on activities and vocabulary stickers to promote learning through reinforcement and repetition.
  • Game: Bilingual Bingo. Classic game with a Feppy twist! Play matching the images, and the words in both languages Spanish / English. Pick a tile from the bag and cover the matching image. Discover the object’s name in both languages: Spanish and English! This fun bingo game helps build image recognition, and fine motor skills and encourages practicing both languages: Spanish and English.
  • Digital access to our English-Spanish companion read-along video audiobooks: Watch an animated video while listening to the story in both languages. An excellent resource to support pronunciation and bring the stories to life.
  • Access to a bilingual song related to the theme to learn pronunciation, enrich the vocabulary, and enjoy new twists to traditional children’s tunes with Latin rhythms.
  • Parent guide: Support your journey of creating an immersive learning environment at home. You don't have to be bilingual to raise a bilingual child!

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    Learn Spanish At Any Level

    Your child may have zero exposure to Spanish, Feppy is an easy way to start.

    Your child may understand a little bit of Spanish in some contexts, Feppy bridges the gap naturally.

    Or, your child may already have a basic vocabulary, Feppy solidifies the language further. 

    Children learn best through play, and at Feppy, we've created bilingual Spanish/English products to support children's language development in a natural way.


    Bilingual Is Best

    Research supports that children who are bilingual have stronger social skills, greater career opportunities, and stronger cognitive abilities.

    Play is Paramount

    Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be systematic, flash cards. At Feppy, we believe play makes kids want to learn, and that's what makes it stick.

    Whole Brain Learning

    When a child sees it, hears it, holds it, and plays with it, they will better understand it and remember it. Focusing on learning moments that engage the whole brain works.

    Quality Matters

    We believe that creating beautiful high quality products means they'll find a permanent place in your environment, and that they’ll appeal to kids over and over again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are so many benefits of bilingual literacy! From improved cognitive development to vocabulary, reading to your child in two languages is a great way to introduce a second language.

    Read more on our blog here.

    Each of our books is illustrated for visual storytelling, and comes with an exclusive access to a video for pronunciation. Designed for kids ages 3-8.

    Shop our bilingual books, and experience the magic of bilingual storytime today.

    Bilingual games are fun for the whole family. At Feppy, we've transformed and reimagined classic games to create an easy and fun way to make play-time a language learning activity.

    After all, learning a language is founded in connection, and these games do just that: connect families for hands on fun!
    Shop our Bilingual Games today.

    The recommended age range for our products is between 3 to 8 years old. 

    Families of all ages enjoy Feppy products - especially the games.

    If you're looking for something for a particular child, you can browse our collections by age to help find age-appropriate themes.

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    Feppy Boxes are award-winning bilingual Spanish & English toy sets for kids. Designed to encourage hands-on and play-based learning for kids, they help families create a complete Spanish-English immersion experience at home.

    Each Feppy box includes a bilingual book, a hands-on game, activities and vocabulary stickers, as well as a companion read-along video audiobook and a parent guide. These multisensory resources can be played with for hours in open-ended ways, and stimulate whole-brain learning through reinforcement and repetition.

    Feppy Box is sure to make your kids’ bilingual learning fun!

    We offer Feppy Boxes in a number of ways:
    Monthly subscriptions, our most popular product, where a new themed box is delivered each month. Cancel anytime and Free Shipping included.

    Single Feppy Boxes are also available for purchase and we also have non-renewing gift subscriptions which deliver monthly boxes to the gift recipient for 3, 6, or 12 months.


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