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spanish disney songs for kids
spanish disney songs for kids

Top Disney Songs for Kids in Spanish - Sing Along & Learn!

We all do it: Repeatedly watch our child’s favorite (and inadvertently, now ours, too) Disney movie until the whole family knows every word and lyric. It’s a parenting way of life.

You don’t even have to watch together to overhear the fun catch phrases of the hero or villain to be able to work them into a joke, chat with other moms or in an explanation of things to your child. It just sinks in without effort. And that’s why your favorite Disney songs are a great way to teach your child a second language.  

(And we’ve taken out the guesswork to save you the time by creating a playlist of top Disney songs here that will help your family learn their favorites in Spanish.) 

1. We Don’t Talk About Bruno - Encanto (No se habla de Bruno) 

Ironically, this song had everyone talking about Bruno: Encanto has swept the world with its Colombian songs that can be heard in every casita on the block. The colors, rich family bonds and fun antics entertain adults and children in a bilingual masterpiece. 

Learn "No se habla de Bruno" in English

Learn We Don’t Talk About Bruno in Spanish 

2. Un Poco Loco - Coco (A Little Bit Crazy)

This Disney animation inspired many to belt heartfelt tributes in Spanish to their ancestors while gathering treats for their ofrenda, bringing meaning to a holiday they may never have celebrated without the movie Coco. Raise your hand if you practiced your grito as well. Don’t worry, todos estamos un poco locos!

Learn the Coco's song that blends English and Spanish!

 3. Let It Go - Frozen (Libre soy)

Ice was everyone’s life for a very long time. Elsa’s melted hearts with three inspiring words that ring so true for many!

Learn the Frozen song in English

Learn the Frozen song in Spanish

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