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kids bilingual books
kids bilingual books

2022 Resolution: Read More Books…Bilingual Books!

We’ve shared 10 Reasons To Raise A Bilingual Child and we could go on and on about the benefits, but we want to tell you about the value of biliteracy (yes, that’s a word!).

Reading to your children helps teach them valuable life lessons in a fun way. The books we read are often the foundation of learning and a Feppy way to share lessons.

If reading has fallen through the cracks of day-to-day life, let the new year inspire you to reintroduce its riches. Immersing your child daily in two languages helps teach life lessons in a very special way.

By choosing bilingual books to read with your child, you’re lovingly passing on values all while helping them learn a second language. 

Studies show reading bilingual books promotes:
  • improvement in vocabulary, memory, listening & problem solving skills
  • processing skills 
  • diversity, inclusiveness and honoring heritage
  • empathy, as children put themselves in the characters’ point of view
  • the love of reading, fun & naturally!
Feppy books bring language to life and immerses kids in the character’s point of view, which can help teach cognitive and social emotional learning. This is an incredible way to spend meaningful time together while supporting your child’s bilingual journey.
Feppy books are fun, original stories that encourage creativity and open- mindedness through stories of day-to-day life lessons. Feppy books are created with a page written in Spanish beside a page in English, fueling the power of bilingualism in an effortless way.  

We now offer Feppy books for sale individually in our shop!

Why not add a host of language-learning benefits with the stories you read?

At Feppy, we believe play is the best way to learn a language, and that raising bilingual children is a gift of opportunity.

Explore Feppy Box! Each monthly subscription box comes with a book, game, song and more to help your children play their way to a new language. 

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