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What's Inside A Box

Early childhood is the best time to learn a new language.

There are a wealth of advantages and opportunities to being bilingual, read our 10 Reasons to Raise a Bilingual Child on our blog to learn more.

You don’t need to be fully bilingual yourself to develop bilingualism in your child. You don’t need an expensive nanny or private school to get started.

Kids learn best through play and immersion, that’s why each Feppy box is designed by bilingual early education experts to make English-Spanish learning natural, easy, and fun!


Feppy Book

Bilingual Story Time

The simple habit of bilingual storytime can have so many long term benefits!

Unleash your kid’s imagination and get in the habit of experiencing the world in English and Spanish.

Each Feppy Book is an original story filled with exciting adventures, colorful illustrations, strong values and morals, and a vocabulary list to solidify learning!

Turn your library into an immersive English Spanish journey. Each Feppy Box includes a Feppy Book, and select books are also now available on the shop for single sale!


Feppy Play

Uno, dos, tres..  Let’s play!

Make learning fun and natural with our thoughtfully designed hands-on games and activities in each Feppy box. Designed to reinforce English and Spanish language learning through play, Feppy is a wonderful alternative to screen time for little kids!

Each Feppy box includes a number of play-based learning opportunities with a game, bilingual sticker activities, and a playbook! Your kids are sure to learn new rods each month through our boxes, without even realizing it!

Turn playtime into an immersive bilingual experience and join our award-winning subscription program today!

Got siblings? Feppy Subscriptions are also available as a DobleFeppy plan, packed with extra materials to share the experience with a sibling, friend, neighbor, or extended family member!


Feppy Music

Bilingual sing along!

Enjoy learning through our original Feppy song each month! There’s nothing quite like the power of music to create an immersive learning environment.

Enrich your vocabulary and enjoy new twists to traditional children’s tunes with Latin rhythms like Salsa, Mambo, or Reggaeton.

Each Feppy box includes access to an original Feppy Song, with written lyrics in both English and Spanish. It’s the ultimate bilingual singalong!


Feppy Parent

Bilingual parenting? We got you.

Every Feppy Box comes with a Parent Guide in English and Spanish to guide you along your bilingual journey. Creating an immersive learning environment at home can be simple, and you can raise a bilingual child even if you’re not fully bilingual yourself!


Feppy Video Audio Books

Each month, we share access to your exclusive Feppy Video Audio books to support pronunciation in English and Spanish. We’re always finding new ways to encourage bilingual learning through creativity, connection and fun.

Even if your household isn't fully bilingual, your children can be! With each Feppy Box, you too can start nurturing bilingual learning at home.