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It's all about bilingual fun! Color, play and sing with Feppy. Unlock a world of imagination.

Our Products

Bilingual is Best

Research proves that children who are bilingual have stronger social skills, greater career opportunities, and stronger cognitive abilities. Now is a great time to start opening their world!

Play is Paramount

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be systematic, flash cards. At Feppy, we believe play makes kids want to learn. And it makes learning truly fun and magical.

Whole-Brain Learning Works

When a child sees it, hears it, holds it, and plays with it, they will better understand it and remember it. With Feppy’s book, games, music, video, and play, each of our products work together, creating moments of connection and learning, and engaging the whole brain. 

Quality Matters

We believe that creating beautiful high quality products makes sure that they will find a permanent place in your home, and that they’ll appeal to kids over and over again.

Cutest Details!

"There were times where I made a fool of myself trying to speak Spanish, but I did not give up! Now, I use Spanish every day, and it has given me some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life."

-Alex W.

So Much Fun!

"Feppy Box has exceeded my expectations. My daughter loves the stories, songs, and games. Thank you!"

-Jessica R.

We Love Feppy!

“I was worried I wouldn't know how to support my daughter in her learning process because I don’t speak Spanish, but thanks to the video audio books I can ensure she is learning and even learn WITH her.”

-Martha H.