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Tips to Avoid the “Summer Slide”
Tips to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Tips to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Summer’s a time to kick back, hit the pool, and enjoy a break from the academic rigor of the school year. Times of rest and unstructured playtime are important to your child’s development and to your sanity as a parent. But experts warn about “education slide” – a regression in a child's academic proficiency that means they lose reading and math knowledge over the summer. Studies have shown that, on average, children lose between 25-30% of their school year learning over the summer. And your children don’t have to be in school yet to regress over the summer; even littles ones’ learning can slip as we experience more casual scheduled.
Thankfully, it’s getting easier for parents to avoid the summer setback. Companies like Feppy Box are offering “bridge” learning – new and fun ways to switch up your home routine to help children stay academically proficient, while using tools geared more towards play than study. 
Kids learn best through play and immersion, that’s why each Feppy Box is designed by bilingual early education experts to make English-Spanish learning natural, easy, and fun!  Save 20% Off Any New Month-to-Month Subscription with code SUMMER20. 

Parents, here are some tips for avoiding summer slip in your home:
1. Switch up your reading routine by discovering new books. Just a little reading every day can help your child maintain his or her reading skills. Mixing your library up with something fun and different will increase reading engagement from your children this summer. If you tend to read the same types of books with your kids, look for different kinds of reading materials that will appeal to them.
Did you know Feppy now offers individual, bilingual books? Our fully bilingual books can help increase reading proficiency in two languages, all while engaging your child through stories of day-to-day life lessons. Each Feppy Book is an original story filled with exciting adventures, colorful illustrations, strong values and morals, and a vocabulary list to solidify learning! Check out these 3 best bilingual books to read aloud to your child.

2. Look for games and activities that engage a specific skill or interest. Raising a budding scientist? Space enthusiast? Artist? Architect? Maximize summer playtime with engaging toys and activities that appeal to your child’s interest while being playful. While you pique their interest in something that matters to them, you’ll unknowingly also be teaching important life skills: critical thinking, communication, self-control, and problem solving. Games the whole family can enjoy together especially benefit your child.
At Feppy Box, we know that when you offer games and activities to complement what a child has been taught, the engagement will ensure the learning sticks. Each Feppy Box includes a number of play-based learning opportunities with a game, bilingual sticker activities, and a playbook! The hands-on fun will help reinforce English and Spanish language learning without them even realizing it! 

3. Listen to audiobooks or music while you travel. Here’s a tip that won’t require much additional effort but will help expand your child’s vocabulary, imagination, listening and analysis skills, and lead to learning: pop in an audiobook or songs on your summer trip! Or, turn them on while you play in the toy room or run around the backyard. Audiobooks are a great way to sneak reading into your day-to-day life!
At Feppy Box, we’re always finding new ways to encourage bilingual learning through creativity, connection and fun. When you sign up for our subscription box, you’ll receive a video audiobook that supports proper English and Spanish pronunciation on top of all of the other benefits of reading, every month! You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for a bilingual singalong with family favorites in English and Spanish. You don’t have to be bilingual to raise bilingual children; we’ve got the tools to make it simple and fun.

Avoid summer learning loss! Subscribe now to Feppy Box and Save 20% Off Any New Month-to-Month Subscription with code SUMMER20.