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3 Ways to Make Learning Language Fun!
3 Ways to Make Learning Language Fun!

3 Ways to Make Learning Language Fun!

Your kids can enjoy learning a second language, and it doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s all about making it fun so that they want to join in!

1. Play word games

Describe things you see on a road trip in another language and have them guess. Go on a scavenger hunt for sticky notes around your house that name the object in another language. Try a new vocabulary word to Hangman. Kids won’t even know they’re learning because it’s so much fun to play along with their favorite adult. 

2. Incorporate vocabulary into your daily routine

When setting the table, name the objects. When shopping at the grocery store, identify what you’re putting in your cart in two languages. Count or sing happy birthday in another language while washing your hands. Look for easy ways to name objects around you as you go about your daily routines.

3. Find books, games and songs your kids enjoy

Kids are designed to see, touch, hear and move, so they learn best when we give them opportunities! This doesn’t need to require a lot of preparation or expense. Incorporate language into games you already play, such as Hide and Seek. Or look up a favorite song in another language. Find books at the library. Fun brings language to life and immerses kids in exciting new lessons and learning.

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