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Expand your kid's Spanish learning experience with this bilingual Social Emotional Learning Program by Llamitas Spanish + Feppy, expertly matched to harmonize with the Llamitas Spanish Level 2 Program.



Expand your kid's Spanish learning experience with this bilingual Social Emotional Learning Program by Llamitas Spanish + Feppy's, expertly matched to harmonize with the Llamitas Spanish Level 1 Program.

Expand your kids Spanish knowledge with this book collection, perfect for reinforcing their knowledge from Level 2 of the  Llamitas Spanish Program.

With 3 hard-cover books shipped directly to your house. Books cover the same vocabulary and themes as Level 2,  your kids will learn even more Spanish in a fun and effective way.

- Rulieta y Tadeo (Pairs with Unit 2, Birds)
- Que viva la lluvia (Pairs with Unit 3, Weather)
- La abuela karateka (Pairs with Unit 5, Human Body)


  • Make Storytime: Fun Bilingual Storytime – Feppy Books in hardcover format is filled with exciting adventures, colorful illustrations, and enticing stories for children that build bilingual vocabulary naturally.

  • English-Spanish Storybooks for Kids – Bring stories to life! This educational book for kids includes access to Animated Audio Video Book to make Spanish language learning interactive and support bilingual pronunciation.

  • Bilingual Sing Along – Direct access to a bilingual song with lyrics related to the story at the end of the book. Each original Feppy song uses the power of music to enrich vocabulary with Latin rhythms like Salsa, Mambo, or Reggaeton.

  • Learning Spanish Designed for Early Education – We make Spanish learning easy with Bilingual (Spanish-English) children's books, perfect for ages 3 & up. 


Feppy books have been an absolute game-changer for my children's Spanish language learning journey. They don't even realize how much they're learning, for them it's just Playtime or Storytime. As a parent, it's been a relief to have such effective resources at hand. 

- Mandy F.


The LLamitas Spanish curriculum is worth it! My kids are excited to learn Spanish and ask every morning when we can do our Spanish lesson (which was not the case with other Spanish curricula we’ve tried out.) It’s so easy to facilitate and the lessons are fun and engaging.

- Angela Gomez


Benefits of Llamitas Spanish + Feppy Level 2

✓ Increased adaptability and problem-solving abilities.

✓ Improved academic performance and achievement.

✓ Higher levels of fluency in both languages is a hallmark of bilingual individuals.

✓ Deeper connection to diverse cultures, including Hispanic culture.

✓ Stronger cognitive skills such as memory, critical thinking, and listening.

✓ Opportunities for career advancement and global marketability.

✓ Bilingualism promotes inclusivity and cross-cultural understanding, aiding in social integration.

✓ Better communication skills in multiple languages.

✓ Lifelong cognitive, social, and professional advantages.

Is Llamitas Spanish + Feppy Right for You?

This is perfect for you if:

- You want to learn Spanish alongside your child.

- You are a bilingual or native Spanish speaking family.

- You enjoy working with beautifully illustrated books.

- You want your child to gain a solid foundation in Spanish.

- You want your kid to experience the benefits of being bilingual.

- You want your kid to feel a connection with the Hispanic culture.

This is NOT for you if:

- You don't like thematic learning

- You don't see the value in learning Spanish

- You don't want to facilitate your child's lessons

"Like you, I am on the journey of raising bilingual and biliterate children. One of the ‘secrets’ to success has been building a bilingual bookshelf for my children from an early age. Book ownership is very important to me because I believe in the power of engaging stories for natural and successful language acquisition. I am delighted to partner with Feppy, a company that wholeheartedly aligns with our mission of supporting families in raising bilingual children. We have carefully selected Feppy books that match the Llamitas Spanish® unit themes. I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine."

- Corrie Wiik | CEO at Llamitas Spanish


What do the books include?

Each bilingual English-Spanish book includes:

- Side-by-side English and Spanish original stories so you can read along in two languages seamlessly.

- Reader book format, with a layout and design, is optimized for reading and comprehension.

- Beautifully designed illustrations that are visually appealing, and engaging, and can help bring the story to life and appeal to younger children.

- A vocabulary list to help practice and solidify learning.

- Digital access to a corresponding audio video book for pronunciation

- Digital access to a corresponding bilingual song to sing along and make language learning even more fun.

I don't speak Spanish! Can I still buy this book collection?

Of course! All of our books come with a companion video audiobook that serves as a pronunciation guide for both your kids and yourself!

Does this book bundle include access to the Level 2 Llamitas Spanish curriculum?

No. Access to the Llamitas Spanish curriculum must be purchased separately. This purchase will provide access to the Llamitas Spanish + Feppy Book Bundle that correlates to the Level 2 themes. These are optional books but provide a fantastic additional resource to develop biliteracy skills and work on unit vocabulary further.

What are companion read-along videos?

With every Feppy Bilingual Book or Feppy Box (which includes a bilingual book), you get access to our companion read-along video audiobooks.

You can view a sample video here.

Videos are a great way to engage kids, reinforce learning. They're available in two languages and act as a great support to pronunciation too!

What is the recommended age range for the Llamitas + Feppy Book Collection?

The recommended age range for our products is between 3 to 8 years old.

I need something else, how can I contact you?

You can contact our team anytime via email at: info@feppy.com.

Or, you can fill out our inquiry form on our Contact page and our team will get back to you.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and APO addresses. 

What is your privacy policy?
Feppy is dedicated to protecting our customer's privacy and safeguarding their personal information.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Join us as we embark on a journey of growth and learning, nurturing the hearts and minds of our children in both English and Spanish. Let's build a future where every child feels empowered, understood, and equipped with the tools to thrive in any situation.

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