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Understanding begins with language.

Educational Bilingual Books & Games

Spanish and English For Kids
FEliz & haPPY
No previous Spanish required
Bilingual Education
Spanish & English
Lessons for today and tomorrow
Hands-on learning
FEliz & haPPY
No previous Spanish required
Bilingual Education
Spanish & English
Lessons for today and tomorrow
Hands-on learning

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The Feppy Experience

"Feppy” embodies bilingual happiness, originating from Spanish (feliz) and English (happy).

Feppy makes Spanish & English language learning fun, playful, and accessible to kids at every developmental and language skill level. 

It's an immersive experience for kids: reading a story, playing a game, practicing vocabulary, watching a video, listening to music.

 Original and fun bilingual stories that promote language learning while also teaching real life lessons and values. 

★ No previous Spanish proficiency required.

★ Video Audiobook available for each story, works for pronunciation support in Spanish and English.

★ Reading level geared to early literacy; available as Read Aloud option or individual books.

More Spanish. More opportunities.

How to Place my order with Kansas KEEP funds?

To place your oder, please send the following information to We'll send you an invoice that you will be able to submit on your Kansas Keep Dashboard for approval. 

1. Decide which Feppy Collection or Set fits your needs! 

- 10 Book Collection - Spanish/English Bilingual Books

- Play & Learn Set - 5 Games y 5 Bilingual Books

- 6 Books Collection (Spanish/English Bilingual Books)

- FeppyBox - 3 Boxes 

- FeppyBox - 6 Boxes

- FeppyBox - 12 Boxes

2. Fill the following template with your info and send it to

Hi Feppy Team! I would like to order: 

[Feppy Products]


My KEEP Award ID:

[Award ID #]

Student Name:

[Your child's name]

Parent Name:

[Your name]

Shipping Address:

[Your shipping address]

Phone Number:

[Your phone number]


[Your email address]


[Your name]

3. You’ll receive an invoice of your order in your email!

4. Open your KEEP app and tap “Login with Merit” (see a full instructional video HERE)

5. Submit your claim for approval by uploading the invoice you received from Goally

*IMPORTANT: The order request will not be approved until a claim has been submitted, so we recommend that you submit a claim the same day you make the order request. Additional help center articles can be found here.

The world opens up with more languages 🌎

From higher academic performance, improved cognitive development, and even career opportunities in the future,

bilingualism opens doors to new experiences, friendships, and understanding cultural diversity and ways of life.

With exposure, language skills develop naturally over time into lifelong skills and become a gateway to opportunity.  

Bilingual opportunities start at home.

  • Sara K.


    My kids get so much from the books and games. They don't even realize how much they're learning, for them it's just Playtime or Storytime. Amazing for me as I wasn't sure how to introduce them to Spanish.

  • Sima S.


    My grandchildren really loved the books. It encouraged us to talk about the stories and how they relate to real life. They also really enjoyed the activities. They love Feppy!

  • Sandra L.


    Bilingualism opens so many doors! Plus, acquiring a language at such a young age is so much easier than later in life. That's why I was so happy to find Feppy to gift my nephew.


How do I find my student's award ID?


To locate your student’s award ID, visit and enter your login credentials.

Once in your profile, you’ll see a section labeled My Merits.

Select the merit named Parent/Guardian Approval.

Inside you will find the details of the award, including Award ID and Expiration Date, as well as the link to the KEEP app where you can submit a claim.

Who do I contact if I have questions?


KEEP Customer Support:


Phone: (785) 294-3483

Business Hours:

Open Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 5:00 pm Central

Closed Saturday – Sunday

favorite   Our Mission Feppy’s mission is to raise the next generation of global citizens, one moment, one story-time, one fun game at a time.
schedule   Mon - Sun: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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